1pc Kick Shuttlecock Chinese Jianzi Colorful Feather Foot Sports Outdoor ,Best Easy Hacky Sack Alternative Kick Game | Indoor Outdoor Game for Kids, Adults, Teens

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Shuttlecock is a national sport with a long history in China. Known as "the butterfly of life". Kikuchi is the same and the same as Cuju, a branch of Cuju (ancient football). According to research on cultural relics, Cuju originated in the Yellow River Basin in the Neolithic era more than 5,000 years ago, and its original form was to strike the ball with a foot on the ground.

Kick Shuttlecock is small and light , so it is easy for you to put in your bag and take it everywhere.Keep it always in the air with legs kicking it as long as possible.Keep the foot feather afloat using feet, knees, legs, or chest - no hands.

You can play them with your family, friends or classmates to not only exercise your bodies but also promote friendship among you.We want to continue to meet and exceed your expectations.

Throw it in the air and kick it around with some friends; Keep it in the air as long as you can.

Toys for all .Good gift with innovation

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