Automatic Mopping Cleaner Robot Dry and Wet 2 in 1 Smart Floor Dust Removal Home Cleaning Machine

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1. The simulation simulates the characteristics of manual floor cleaning, high-speed engine operation and high-speed rotation of the external rotary cleaner, that is, high frequency and good effect. The engine has no additional power consumption during transmission, which can reduce unnecessary vibration and realize a low-noise rotating mop by imitating hand pressure.

2. If you have pets, don't panic. The friction robot can help you repair the friction robot. It can absorb pet hair and clean dirty footprints.Adapt to various floors and various environments for cleaning, more worry-free. The scrubbing machine is suitable for all kinds of floors, wood boards, marbles, ceramic tiles, etc.

3. Automatic cleaning, collision and U-turn, low noise, enjoy a quiet life. The broom rotates in the automatic cleaning, can prevent rotation, low noise, and will not interfere with your life during the cleaning process.

4. The lower part of the humidification spray function is equipped with a purple indicator light. Our brooms are equipped with spray function. It can be sprayed and humidified by sweeping the floor. As the machine moves, it will moisturize the air in every corner.

5. The large capacity of 1200 mAh can easily accommodate large devices with large-capacity batteries, thereby extending battery life.

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