Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Xi'er Tall Vase, 15 inches, Roulu Vase

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Quality: High-fired blue and white porcelain vase with delicate glaze and unique painting technique.

Measurement: 6.7 inches wide, 14 inches high; securely packaged; rotating stand sold separately.

                        The Happiness Boys vase is often used as a wedding gift, symbolizing the wish for the newlyweds to have many children.

Usage: Can be displayed alone or with fresh or dried flowers, perfect for vase collectors.

Risk-free: Offers a no-questions-asked return policy covering all defects and damages.


Chinese blue and white porcelain has always been a treasure in the world of ceramic art. This vase stands at a height of 15 inches, with a base width of 6.7 inches, showcasing high-fired blue and white porcelain with unique painting techniques and exquisite craftsmanship.

Adopting a graceful and elegant design, the vase features a delicate silhouette. Its impressive height of 14 inches makes it a captivating focal point in any space, providing an excellent display platform for fresh flowers and greenery. Moreover, the vase's width of 6.7 inches offers ample space for arranging flowers, allowing each bouquet to express natural vitality.

During the production process, the vase undergoes high-temperature firing, resulting in a surface of delicate and uniform glaze. This refined glaze not only enhances the overall beauty of the vase but also adds a pleasant tactile experience. The unique painting techniques further distinguish this vase, with each stroke reflecting the artistry and inspiration of the craftsman.

This vase seamlessly combines beauty, functionality, and artistic value. It is an excellent choice for space decoration and a perfect option for a unique gift. Whether used as an art collectible or a daily life embellishment, this high-fired blue and white porcelain vase adds a rich cultural atmosphere to your life.

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