Chinese-style wedding qipao-style dress gown and suit

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Zipper closure - Zipper

Long Cheongsam, Two-piece Dress, Hand Embroidery, Exquisite Embroidery

Fabric: High-quality fabric, Soft Satin, Silk Embroidery. Medium thickness, Medium softness, Lightweight elasticity, and well-fitted in shape.

Refined Design. Embroidered Dragon & Phoenix Gown. The front of the coat features exquisite dragon and phoenix embroidery in classic red color. Retro elegance. Three-dimensional cutting. Exquisite and unique hemming process. Hand-sewn. Make you look slender and slim. Inherited over two thousand years of Chinese Cheongsam costume culture. Let you show noble elegance.

Style: Xiuhe Dress, Retro, Traditional. National style, Embroidered floating tablet, Pleated skirt, Big A swing, Multicolored cannetille embroidery.

Suitable occasion: Wedding, Suitable for all seasons.

Size Chart:


Size Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm) Shoulder Width (cm)
S 80 64 83 37
M 84 67 87 38
L 87 70 90 39

Tracing the roots of tradition, embracing precious moments, we proudly present the Chinese-style wedding qipao-inspired gown and suit set. This ensemble encapsulates exquisite hand-embroidery craftsmanship and the profound essence of traditional culture. With its unique beauty, this collection stands out as a radiant choice for wedding ceremonies.

The front of the top features intricate dragon and phoenix embroidery, with the vibrant colors shimmering against a red backdrop, symbolizing happiness, auspiciousness, and unity. The designer seamlessly blends traditional elements with modern fashion, ensuring the overall style exudes classical charm while embracing a contemporary flair.

The timeless red hue, one of the most iconic colors in weddings, enhances the festive atmosphere. This gown's red not only signifies warmth and joy but also conveys heartfelt wishes for a beautiful future. The meticulous embroidery craftsmanship brings forth a brilliant radiance, bestowing upon the bride an air of noble elegance.

The artisanal touch of hand-embroidery adds preciousness and uniqueness to the entire ensemble. Every stitch and thread reflects the dedication of craftsmen, preserving and elevating the traditional embroidery artistry. The delicate embroidery on the dragon-and-phoenix robe not only showcases the profound cultural heritage of China but also adds a distinctive charm to the bride.

In this Chinese-style wedding qipao gown, the harmonious blend of tradition and fashion breaks free from the constraints of traditional bridal designs, presenting a visual feast for the bride and groom. Whether at the wedding venue or in the wedding photos, this qipao-inspired gown steals the spotlight, allowing the bride to shine with her unique personality and charm.

Choosing the Chinese-style wedding qipao-inspired gown and suit set means opting for a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, adding a rich cultural touch to the wedding celebration. This is not just a wedding gown; it is a tribute to traditional Chinese culture, a symbol of love and beauty, marking the beginning of a happily-ever-after in marital life.


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