Chinese Clothing Tang Suit - Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Tang Suit Kung Fu Jacket Dragon Totem Uniform

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The Dragon Totem Chinese suit is a traditional garment that features a dragon totem symbol. In Chinese culture, dragons are believed to represent power, strength, and good fortune, particularly in relation to natural elements like water and weather.

This suit is made with the highest standard of workmanship, using high-quality brocade fabric that is suitable even for sensitive skin. The stand-up collar design helps to maintain the suit's shape, preventing it from deforming even after washing.

The suit is also breathable, thanks to the high-quality brocade fabric that allows for ventilation and prevents excessive perspiration, keeping the body comfortable.

The Dragon Totem Chinese suit is a versatile garment that can be worn on different occasions. It features a fashionable Chinese style design that is easy to wear and long-lasting, suitable for both casual and formal wear.

The size of the suit is available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The measurements for each size in centimeters are:


Size Chest (cm) Length (cm) Sleeve Length (cm)
S 108 72 61
M 112 73 62
L 116 74 63
XL 120 75 64
XXL 124 76 65

 Chinese traditional culture has a rich and extensive history, with traditional clothing serving as a carrier of profound historical and cultural significance. The Martial Arts Tang Suit Kung Fu Jacket with Dragon Totem Uniform is a unique garment that seamlessly blends Chinese traditional craftsmanship with high-quality silk satin. Its design is inspired by one of the symbolic totems from ancient Chinese culture—the dragon.

Crafted with exquisite Chinese traditional craftsmanship and using premium silk satin, this Tang Suit Kung Fu Jacket highlights the unique charm of Chinese traditional attire. The dragon totem has long been regarded in Chinese culture as a symbol of powerful and auspicious forces, especially in the control of water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods, where the dragon is believed to possess special abilities.

In ancient times, Chinese emperors often used the dragon as a symbol of their imperial authority and ruling power. The image of the dragon is not merely decorative; it is a representation of authority and dignity. Therefore, this jacket cleverly incorporates the dragon totem, showcasing a profound respect and continuation of Chinese traditional culture.

Wearing this Tang Suit Kung Fu Jacket feels like a journey through time, immersing oneself in the ancient tapestry of Chinese traditional culture. Whether worn during martial arts performances, cultural events, or in everyday life, it exudes a unique charm and elegance. It is more than just a piece of clothing; it is a tribute to and continuation of Chinese traditional culture, allowing individuals to experience the enduring historical richness while staying in tune with contemporary fashion.

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