Reflux Incense Burner Set: Ceramic Aromatherapy Diffuser with 50 Incense Cones, Size H 7.9"

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Welcome to experience our meticulously crafted Backflow Incense Burner Set, offering you a sensory journey reminiscent of an enchanting paradise. This luxurious ceramic aroma diffuser not only boasts an exquisite exterior but also demonstrates high practicality. With dimensions of H 7.9 inches, its perfectly balanced size makes it an ideal adornment for any space.

Our ceramic aroma diffuser features a unique design using the principle of backflow, allowing the incense to flow gently along the beautifully crafted smokestack, creating a delightful waterfall effect. This not only provides a visually pleasing experience but also ensures a long-lasting diffusion of fragrance.

The set also includes 50 incense cones, allowing you to embark on your aromatic journey immediately. The carefully selected formula of these incense cones emits intoxicating scents, bringing tranquility and pleasant ambiance to your space. Each incense cone is meticulously chosen for safety, natural ingredients, and optimal olfactory effects.

Whether indulging in luxury for yourself or presenting it as a gift to friends and family, this Backflow Incense Burner Set is a truly unique choice. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, let this offering of peace and beauty accompany you, creating a more pleasant living environment.

100% Ceramic Material

Creative Design: This creative ceramic incense burner features a unique overlapping leaf design that breaks up the monotony and allows the smoke to flow seamlessly from left to right, adding an extra level of depth to the aesthetic.

Exquisite Appearance: With a delicate and intricate design, this small yet beautiful incense burner is perfect for decoration. Product Dimensions: 10.5*20cm/4.1"x 7.9".

Handmade and Versatile: This incense burner is made by hand and can be used in a variety of settings including living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, offices, meditation rooms, yoga rooms, and hotels.

Functionality: The scented incense cones emit a strong and lasting aroma that helps to purify the air, promote meditation and relaxation, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality.

Fragrance and Longevity: The mixed incense cones include jasmine, lavender, rose, green tea, peppermint, sandalwood, and osmanthus fragrances. Each cone lasts for up to 15 minutes. We will gift you with approximately 50 incense cones to ensure that you can fully enjoy the process of burning incense.

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