9.45'' China Style Decorative Vase, Classic Ceramic Vases for Art Home Decoration, Chinese Retro Porcelain Ceramic Vase with Base, Beauty Lotus Flower Painting, Black

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Ceramics is a milestone in the history of mankind. It was discovered as early as a thousand years ago. It was originally a tool for putting things, and later became a work of art in the Song Dynasty.

During popular collection of ceramics, especially vases, more exquisiteness and beautiful .The traditional custom of China considers the "Hua Ping" or vase, which symbolizes safety or "Ping Ping An An" in Chinese.

The vase is a kind of utensil. The vase has beautiful appearance and different shapes. Whether it is a celadon vase or a white porcelain vase or a colored porcelain vase, it is mostly used as a decorative display, and has very good collection value and ornamental value.

Made in Jingdezhen, China, this traditional Chinese blue and white floral design porcelain vase has a touch of dynasty elegancy.It goes well with any kind of fresh flowers or artifictial one, or just displays for decoration.

Function:room/home decor accessories,creative vase decor gifts for birthday,Christmas or wedding crafts.

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