Tai Chi Suits Tang Suit Martial Arts Clothing Chinese Traditional Folk Taiji Outdoor Walking Morning Sprots Kung Fu Suits Long Sleeve Tai Chi Clothing,Black

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Material: cotton Blend ;Including coat and trousers with great breathability, drape and softness, With Chinese traditional workmanship and high quality Cotton & Hemp, they're great for sensitive skin.

Pure handcraft, Full handmade button and mandarin type, simple yet elegant, They are soft and elegant. In Tai Chi practicing, the uniform makes the practitioner feeling comfortable, meeting the requirements of Tai Chi practicing.

Short sleeve uniform features frog buttons and mandarin collar, Upright collar against deformation and color aberration, Under sleeve looks more traditional, in line with the meaning of Tai Chi

Comfortable wearing. Beautifully soft and elegant. A must have for those practicing Tai Chi .Fits in school bags and cosmetic bags, so it can be carried anywhere, anytime.

Important note about size: Please refer to size selection, or Email to ask us.

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