Natural Exfoliating Loofah Sponge, 5" Eco-friendly Unbleached Shower Luffa,Bath Body Scrubbers Loofa for Men and Women, remove dead skin,Shower Loofah,Washing cloth,4 Pack

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[ Your Skin]: Pure Shower Loofah has moderate hardness, which can exfoliate without hurt the skin. No bleaching, health to the human body. Using loofah not only can remove dead skin, but also wash away the oil on the skin surface. It can promote blood circulation, and make your skin smoother and shinier.

[Usage]: For easy transportation, the loofah is flattened. You only need to soak in warm water for a few minutes to restore the original shape. Some people may find the loofah complex hard when they start to use it.It can be kneaded repeatedly or used repeatedly, and Luffa becomes very soft.It will not affect the use.

[Size]: 4 packs of shower gel scrubbers, each measuring about 5 * 3 inches. It's the right size to hold in your hand and easy to use. Due to the natural growth of Luffa, it can not be completely consistent. The thickness will be slightly different, and the error of 1-2 cm is normal. you can use the towel gourd to make your own size.

[Multi-Purpose]: Apply your favorite liquid or soap to the loofah.Loofah can be used not only as a bath, but also as a DIY for loofah soap, You can cut it into pieces and make any loofah soap you want to make.It can be used not only for these purposes, but also for cleaning pots, dishes and grills.and finally as fertilizer.

[Health]: natural loofah has not been processed, so it has natural soil flavor. There may be some Luffa seeds with black color in the middle, but after several times of washing, all these problems will disappear!

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